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Conversational Computer - Baidu+"Little Fish" home assistant robot

Demo of the "Little Fish" home assistant, powered by the DuerOS conversational computer operating system. Speak to it to tell it what you want. Its large screen also makes browsing food delivery menus, videoconferencing, etc. easier.

Internet giant Baidu targeting AI as new growth engine

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a topic high on the agenda at Baidu World 2016, a major technology and innovation conference happening in Beijing on Thursday. It comes after the Chinese internet giant Baidu suffered a record plunge in profits in the second quarter, following an advertising scandal blamed for playing a role in the death of a young man from cancer. The clock is now ticking for Baidu to find new growth engines. CCTV’s Martina Fuchs has this story. Subscribe to us on Youtube: Download for IOS: Download for Android: Follow us on: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Tumblr: Weibo:

GOOGLE HAS BEEN BEATEN?! Baidu dominates China

We’ll try to explain how Baidu has maintained its dominance in China, despite Google leading in most other search engine markets in the world, and what makes Baidu the preferred choice among locals compared to Google. Check The Blog ► Subscribe Today! ► You Might Also Like ▼ BIGGER THAN GOOGLE? Is Naver the most powerful South Korean Search Engine? GOOGLE HAS A BRAIN?! RankBrain & SEO impact explained : What would you like to know more about? Tweet or comment with your suggestions - I read them all! :-) Subscribe on iTunes ► Listen on SoundCloud ► Like on Facebook ► Follow on Twitter ► As this video is purely for educational, critique and news speculative purposes, I believe all images used fall under the remits of Fair Use. If you find your work in the video and would like to dispute this, I will not hesitate removing the respective images as it is not my intend in any way to infringe on content ownership.

Baidu doubles down on AI, but will it succeed?

Kristie Lu Stout and Wired Editor-in-chief Nick Thompson break down Baidu's push to become a leader in artificial intelligence

DuerOS AI by Baidu - The Future of Digital Assistants

DuerOS, Baidu's AI-powered digital assistant, is at our GSMA Mobile World Congress​ 2017 booth (8.1/G20)! The more you use it, the smarter it gets. Come drop by! #MWC2017

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