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Grump It - Cuphead (ANIMATIC)

Cuphead is Pissed --- happy early halloween! i consider this a spiritual successor to my 17776 animatic, where i take a random audio meme and make it chronological and somewhat cohesive. i might have a problem. some notes: 1. i've always wanted to make an animatic to this game grumps audio, but never found the right character/story for it. well what's more rage-inducing than the newest bullet-hell game? 2. i originally planned this out as a 'difficult game' kind of story, but it slowly morphed into the cup kids being fucking terrified of some of these monsters. have you seen that robot? nightmare fuel for the nightmare TRAIN which is also horrifying jesus 3. my art is gravitating to a more stylized and fluid form, so drawing this animatic was incredibly fun lmao 4. you know you're in deep when you follow up a cuphead speedpaint with a cuphead animatic. this is it for me folks 5. i wanted to include mugman in every frame, but it ended up preventing me from doing close one-on-one shots. don't worry he's still there, or likely ghosted. thanks for ~72k subs! --- grump it: [] don't deal with the devil (instrumental) [] --- programs: paint tool sai + sony vegas 15 time: ~1.5 days frames: 122 --- tumblr: ( twitter: ( deviantart: ( redbubble: (

Cuphead - BOSS THEMES (Piano Medley)

Trying something new with this one! Here's my piano medley of some of the boss themes in Cuphead, including Mr. King Dice, Floral Fury, Botanic Panic and more! Full Tracklist below. Combined with a Synthesia visualisation! I would like to thank our coffee machine for making this video possible. Ragtime is haaaard. SHEET MUSIC: I arranged this by ear, but transcribed this into sheets which you can download on my website! It's free, but keep in mind that transcribing this was a loooot of work. So I really appreciate donations. Or you can consider supporting me on Patreon! ►Sheet Music / MIDI / MP3: ►PATREON: Also, you can learn my arrangement of the title theme on Flowkey! Check it out here: The visual style of this video was inspired by my friend AtinPiano. I love the way he combines Synthesia with his performances. I've wanted to try it myself for a while now, I hope you like the result! (don't worry, I asked AtinPiano for permission before blatantly stealing his format) Tracklist: 0:00 Don't Deal With The Devil 0:32 Botanic Panic 1:52 Die House 2:43 Inkwell Isle One 3:07 Floral Fury 4:04 Carnival Kerfuffle Originally composed by Kris Maddigan. ►MP3: ►MIDI: ► ► ► ▌Help me make videos & Sheets! Many thanks to my supporters! Jacky Hernandez Javier Antonio Arancibia Campos Julian Victor Nick Campbell Emily Ariana Viktoria Julian Victor futagogo Kristofferson Jacob Barber Preston Aley Aidansten Theddy Jan Popiela Eugene Eugene Marek Mizera Megan Prescott Debi Wells Maddie Ellis NOTES FROM THE SUBWAY Christina Pauls Jan Popiela Aminder Maisy Meyer Darren Wee Rusty Shackleford Tanner Rohnke Hannah Wagner Terence Hu Maximilian Ott Aqqalooraq Lennert Allison Sanders Kit Irene Chen Jess S Noctis C Susi Chan

Cuphead 2013 vs 2017 Gráficos Comparación Antes y Después

Comparación de los gráficos de Cuphead, Desde cuphead gráficos 2013, 2014 y 2017, que fue cambiando y que fue lo que se quedó hasta el final del juego en el xbox one y en la pc de antes y después en los gráficos Una comparación de los gráficos del 2013 hasta el 2017 de una comparación de gráficos de antes y después

[HIGHLIGHTS] Pelo Strem - Cuphead "Don't deal with the Devil"

What's - What's this? If you wanna watch more strems - ___ Game: ___ ___ If you want to react to any video, make a youtube poop, remix, put it as a clip in one of your video reviews, or even subtitles for your country, is 100% ok for me, just put the credits in the description (links for the original video and channel), is not that hard, some of us want to let people know who is the creator. and Please, DO NOT REUPLOAD OR MONETIZE A COMPILATION WITH ANY VIDEO, I really don't want to report. If you have any doubts please let me know before using a video thank you for understand.

Cuphead [Damageless Run!!!] -NOT a compilation- (All Bosses, Any%, Good Ending) World 1st!

Every boss in a row without taking a single point of damage! Social Media: Now watch me do it on Expert :) :

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Cuphead es un videojuego independiente perteneciente al género de plataformas, desarrollado y producido por StudioMDHR Entertainment. El videojuego se caracteriza por su estilo gráfico inspirado en las caricaturas de los años 30. En el videojuego, el protagonista Cuphead debe derrotar a varias criaturas para poder saldar una deuda que tiene pendiente con el diablo.

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CUPHEAD - The root pack - "Botanic Panic" Gameplay

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