Introduction to Baidu's Version of Google Analytics: Baidu "Statistics"

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Google Analytics Tutorial for Beginners Does your business know how to take full advantage of Google Analytics? - visit here for more information! Google Analytics Tutorial An in-depth Google Analytics Tutorial - In this video we explain everything you need to know to navigate and understand your Google Analytics account better to get insights on what's happening on your site. Comment down below in case you have any queries and we will get back to you. Blog Post on The Google Analytics Explanation: Don't forget to check out our Blog at: Video Timeline: Google Analytics Introduction - 00:00 - 00:28 Audience Overview - 00:29 - 06:58 ( visits, unique visitors, page views, pages/visit, avg, visit duration, bounce rate, new visits, exit rate, unique page views) Tabs: Customization Tab (Custom Reports) - 07:10 - 09:56 How to Create a Custom Report - 07:30 - 09:56 Admin Area - 09:57 - 17:18 Goals & Filters - 10:25 - 10:49 Personal Tools & Assets - 10:50 - 17:18 Segments - 10:50 - 11:00 Annotations - 11:00 - 12:34 How to Create an Annotation - 11:10 - 12:34 Attribution Models - 12:35 - 14:14 Custom Channel Groupings - 14:14 - 14:27 Custom Alerts - 14:27 - 15:15 How to Create a Custom Alert - 14:42 - 15:15 Scheduled Emails - 15:15 - 15:39 How to Schedule Emails - 15:25 - 15:39 Shortcuts - 15:39 - 17:07 How to Create Shortcuts - 15:50 - 17:07 Share Assets - 17:07 - 17:18 Side Bar (My Stuff) 17:20 - 18:48 (Dashboards, Shortcuts, Intelligence Events) Standard Reports - 18:48 - 36:36 Real Time - 18:48 - 20:25 Audience - 20:25 - 23;52 (Demographics, Interests, Geo, Behaviour, Technology, Mobile, Custom, Visitors Flow) Acquisition - 23:52 - 32:02 (Channels, Traffic, Referrals, Campaigns, Keywords, Cost Analysis, AdWords, Social, Search Engine Optimization) Behaviour - 32:02 - 35:20 (Behaviour Flow, Site Content, Site Speed, Site Search, Events, AdSense, Experiments, In-Page Analytics) Conversions - 35:20 - 36:36 We hope you all found this Google Analytics explanation tutorial helpful! Comment down below if you have any queries! Watch our Beginners Majestic SEO Tutorial: About Powered by Search: Powered by Search is an Internet Marketing agency based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We provide Internet Marketing solutions geared towards lead generation and conversion for our client base, located throughout Canada and the United States. We perform services such as Search Engine Optimization, Local Search Optimization, Paid Search Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Website Design and Development. provide the results of a large agency, while giving you the agility and level of service of a boutique agency. We don’t hide behind account managers, so you can expect to speak with the experts who are delivering for your business day in and day out. Contact us today for an assessment and a proposal. Call us Toll-free 1-866-611-5535 | Local 416-840-9044 For more Video Tutorials, Subscribe to us on YouTube: Powered by Search 505 Consumers Road Suite #507 Toronto, Ontario M2J 4V8 Canada

Beginners Guide to Baidu SEO - Reach a whole new audience with these quick tips on performing well on Baidu including content, domain type, and technical issues that could be stopping you from ranking. Download our free whitepaper for more information Don't forget to Subscribe to our channel to receive a new Digital Marketing video each week! Check out our other useful Digital Marketing posts at:

3 of 6: Baidu Webmaster Account Setup

This six part series covers the set up (how to create) Baidu's version of Google's search console. To some extent I will compare SEO on google to SEO on 网站优化,百度的索引。了解百度。

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Here are the four characters I mentioned and which were shown in the video:

在十五分钟以内注册一个新的百度统计的账户。我的视频也会教你应该把代码放在哪里。This video will show you how to register a Baidu “statistics” account (equivalent to a Google Analytics account) and where/how to insert’s javascript into your pages even when: a) you’re not a developer and just have a do-it-yourself website, and b) you can NOT read Chinese. I hope you enjoy the video! My video also shows you where to put's javascript code. You put it in the "head" section of each webpage you want to record statistics for. Needless to say, this will also lead to Baidu being more likely to index any such page that includes the code.

Does have it's own version of "Google Analytics"? Yes, they do and this video will show you how to set up an account with "Baidu Analytics".

怎么注册一个百度统计的账户? 我帮你设置一个吧!百度统计类似于“Google Analytics".

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