Instalar Firmware Custom Tomato by Shibby en Router CISCO LInksys E1200 v1. / v2.

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Tomato Firmware Installation (Shibby mod) On ASUS RT-N66U Dual Band Wireless Router In this video, we'll cover how to flash (install) tomato firmware using a tomato firmware mod build by Shibby. The device we'll be flashing is an ASUS RT-N66U Dual Band Wireless 'N' Router. If you need a little help setting up your home network, we've got some resources available that you might find helpful. There are basically three ways to flash tomato firmware to this router: 1. Directly from within the routers admin user interface. 2. Using the ASUS recovery utility 3. Using the ASUS web interface In our case, we're doing something a little different, in that, we're going to first update the stock router firmware first. PLEASE NOTE: this step is NOT necessary unless you want to flash a 64K version of Tomato firmware. If you plan to flash a 32K version of tomato firmware to your ASUS RT-N66U, you can simply flash it without first upgrading the stock firmware. 0:58 download ASUS factory firmware and utilities 2:30 download Tomato firmware (Shibby mod) 6:18 connect router WAN/LAN ports 6:55 ping router IP address 7:25 ping returns "destination host unreachable" 7:42 change client IP address 8:55 ping router again (success) 9:15 three ways to update firmware 9:42 ASUS stock router setup 10:57 ASUS factory firmware upgrade 11:47 commentary while waiting for update 12:12 open firmware restoration utility 12:55 put router into recovery mode 13:15 upload firmware and flash router (failed) 13:53 recovery utility says "router not in rescue mode" 14:00 enter recovery mode via web interface 14:50 upload firmware and flash router (success) 16:00 login to tomato router admin GUI 16:30 clear NVRAM (using admin GUI) 18:00 clear NVRAM (using hardware) 18:20 Tomato default IP, username and password

Instalar Firmware Tomato Mod Shibby en Router CISCO Linksys E900

Pasos a seguir para reemplazar el firmware stock de un router linksys e900 por un firmware custom llamado tomato by shibby basado en el firmware tomato usb.* Firmware Tomato By Shibby LInksys E900: Firmware stock (última actualización):

How to Install Tomato Firmware on a Linksys E1550 Wireless Router

How to install DD-WRT Firmware: Disclaimer: This is for educational purpose only. I do not hold any responsibility on what happens after you use this information.

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Explicacion de como instalar un firmware custom basado en otro firmware custom llamado tomato en un router linksys modelo e1200 versiones 1 y 2.

Firmware Stock E1200 v2:

Firmware Stock E1200 v1:

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