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How to ROOT ANY Android Device! without PC Using SuperSU [2017]

Today I'll show you how to ROOT any Android Device! without PC or Chinese Apps[kingRoot, Iroot, towelroot, etc.] last update! 2/2017. First, you should have a Recovery System installed on your device. (You can get one from Links below.) Secondly, use your Android device or your pc to download ZIP file and move it to a near place(for easy reach) in my case [Download] folder. That's all what's you need, are you ready? So let's start! Links Without ads: SuperSU: TWRP: PhilZ Touch: More videos: How to install [TWRP Recuvery] on Samsung Devices Without ROOT How to ROOT Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Without Losing Data! How To Flash CWM Recovery [Easy Just 3 Steps] How to flash TWRP Recovery v3.2 How to Uninstall KingRoot [♛] How To Wipe Data & Reset Android Devices How To Find WIFI Passwords On(Android Devices) How To Enable or Disable Developer Options [Android Devices]

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How to fix kingroot root failed |How to root any Android device

如何解決kingroot root失敗 كيفية إصلاح الجذر كينغروت فشلت hoe om Kingroot-wortel op te los, misluk hoe kan je rootroot root oplossen mislukt paano ayusin ang kingroot root nabigo comment réparer root rootroot a échoué wie man die Kingroot-Wurzel fehlschlägt a királyi gyökér helyreállítása sikertelen come correggere la radice di root non è riuscita キングルートのルートを修復する方法 Hello friends Aap sabhi ka swagat hai aur aaj mein aapko kingroot ko error ko kaise fix kare wah batane wala hu toh dekhte rahiye ish video ko aur share bhi kare keep share Agar aap hamare channel pe new hai toh hamara channel jaroor subscribe kar dijiye kyuki mein rojana aapke liye aise hi interesting videos laate rahenge #SUBSCRIBE . Download kingroot:- . Tips and tricks fb page:- . 📲🖥💻🎥📹📡Mr.Technology & Arts:- . Hello guyzzzzzzz Welcome to our YouTube channel.📄 Enjoy daily most interesting videos.📲💻💿 Click👆here: #Hamara channel subscribe kijiye latest technology ki video Sabse pehle dekhne ke liye. #SUBSCRIBE🛑 & TAP👆 #BELL ICON🔔 @Youtube . Support us @ Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Join us: Join in whatsapp: & Visit: . Be connected with us download our app: . #SeeSomething Technical #SeeSimething New . #Keep sharing #Keep supporting . 📲📲📲📲Download Now📲📲📲 . Enjoy unlimited Fun . Keep share keep support🌐🌐🌐 Thanks for watching Keep share

Root p8 lite

Root p8 lite 6.0 Marshmallow This method is very dangerous. You need to know the installation of Rom Huawei from SRKToolHuawei or Huawei unlock bootloader Even if the device crashes, you can restore it. See this video and Prefer to backup by recovery twrp. download BETA-SuperSU-v2.62-66 with kingroot and recovery (Huawei-twrp) Why should I install root kingroot after root supersu ? Because root kingroot he stays after format your phone. How to delete root supersu and root kingroot? You Can delete root supersu and kingroot from Kingoroot for (pc). If you delete your root by kingoroot(pc) you can install any root and it will work immediately even after formation your phone -(You do not need the first way to install root )-. Like root king-oroot or SuperSU from market play. and Superuser or any app from market play he's working immediately. twrp Search here if you can not find recovery your phone kingroot kingoroot If you have android 5.0.1 you do not need all this just need king-o root (pc) when installed it will work immediately.

The Easiest Way To Root Any Android Device Without A Computer (2018)

Make Sure to be the Cool Guy Who Gives A Thumbs Up To This Video || Do Subscribe For More || Tested and Working As Of 2018 Only Requirement Is A Custom Recovery,Learn More About It Below- - And NO Root is Not Necessary to install a custom recovery Proceed At Your Own Risk,I'm Not Responsible if you screw up Subscribe To TheAndroidGuy For Future Updates- How To Get Playstore GiftCards For FREE Legally (No Root)- How To Get PAID APPS For FREE Legally (No Root) - Looking For Some cool Channel Art,Logos,Animations & Intros? Subscribe to My Friends Channel - How to Get PAID APPS For FREE Legally|NO ROOT - Any Questions? Feel Free To Ask It In The Comments Below Took me 6 hours to record,edit,dub and upload this video Takes you only 6 seconds to Click On The LIKE,SUBSCRIBE & SHARE Button =) How to ROOT ANY SAMSUNG Device ||Universal Samsung Rooting Guide - Installing Android v6 Marshmallow - How To Root Almost Any Android Device (SuperSU PC)- How To Root Almost Any Android Device (KingRoot NO PC)- PHONE I USE (TheAndroidGuy's Phone) - How to Get Playstore GiftCards For FREE Legally- How to Get PAID APPS For FREE Legally|NO ROOT - . . . . Some Of My Other Videos (You May like them) 10 Hidden Android Features - How to Kick People Off Your Wifi - Save Upto 90% Data On Android - 5 Quick Tips - TOP 10 Android Games That You Should be Playing NOW- How to Get Playstore GiftCards For FREE Legally- SUBSCRIBE || LIKE || SUBSCRIBE || SHARE !! Have a nice day The Android Guy

Will not write any description. Video is enough) Must need to use Kingroot version 5.2.1

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