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Baidu Changes Ad Policy Yet Again

Digital Marketing News; http://webcertain.tv Following its many shake-ups to online ads over the last few months, Baidu has announced yet another change to its advertising policy. Recently, the Chinese company decided to halt any promotion of cryptocurrency on its network, including Bitcoin platforms. Whilst the reasons behind the termination of the ads is yet to be confirmed, it is reported that the decision may be due to the high volume of scam sites fronting as cryptocurrency pages, on Baidu’s pages. If this is correct, it may be planning to create a filter system that would let state sanctioned and legal sites through. This would happen by allowing popular, well-known Bitcoin platforms such as Circle or Bitpay through the filter by way of a verification process. Meanwhile, users of the sites have said on forums that it may have been a government requested move, which would set a dangerous precedent for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. A proposed EU ruling would give more power to publishers dealing with internet giants, Facebook and Google. After the European Commission has come under pressure to level the internet’s playing field, the proposal would give news publishers exclusive rights online to reproduce content. This means that on services such as Google News and Facebook, parent companies such as Alphabet, would have to pay publishers for the right to use sections of copy from articles to appear in search results. According to a draft proposal seen by the Guardian newspaper, the new “neighbouring rights” are designed to increase the rights of those producing original content. However, previous attempts to do the same thing in Spain and Germany saw Google shut down the local versions of Google News, essentially forcing publishers stop charging it due to the inevitable drop in traffic. The China-Britain Business Council has teamed up with WeChat in order to protect against copyright infringements. The Council, or CBBC, will work with WeChat owners, Tencent, and the IPCC to develop a WeChat Protection Platform. Because the messaging platform has over 1 billion users it has become a target for copyright infringement, and so has set up an “express channel” within the platform to assist CBBC and IPCC members. Members of the two organisations with be able to use Tencent’s current IP protection system, whilst Tencent themselves will receive support regarding any legal or technical construction. IPCC chairman Hugo Zhang said that the deal “sends an intimidating warning against infringing behaviour online”. It is not just humans being effected by the rapid rise of wearable technology. According to a new study by Grand View Research, the global animal wearable tech market will be worth over 2 billion US dollars by 2022. The report also suggested that within just 12 months, pet owners will spend more on wearable devices than on food, with that spend rising a further 50% by 2020. There are also more products entering the market than you may think, with wearable devices such as Voyce and PetPace, which include features like medical diagnosis and behaviour monitoring, being released recently. Additionally, businesses marketing to pet owners isn’t as silly as it sounds. Data collected from Instagram shows that posts with animals included, is shown to boost the number of user responses dramatically with Sotheby’s seeing 93% more likes on posts that included animals, over ones that did not.

Alipay支付宝 - The Cafe (director's cut)

One of 3 shorts for Alipay Global. Director's Cut. Writer/Director: Gary Yong Producer: Wallace Wang Production house: DAO Video Marketing Co., Ltd.

Baidu Overview

SRA Group 10

Psychopy介绍与教程5 代码界面,自定义模块,求助方式Psychopy tutorial

Introduction to Baidu's Version of Google Analytics: Baidu "Statistics"

Here are the four characters I mentioned and which were shown in the video: 百度统计 在十五分钟以内注册一个新的百度统计的账户。我的视频也会教你应该把代码放在哪里。This video will show you how to register a Baidu “statistics” account (equivalent to a Google Analytics account) and where/how to insert Baidu.com’s javascript into your pages even when: a) you’re not a developer and just have a do-it-yourself website, and b) you can NOT read Chinese. I hope you enjoy the video! My video also shows you where to put Baidu.com's javascript code. You put it in the "head" section of each webpage you want to record statistics for. Needless to say, this will also lead to Baidu being more likely to index any such page that includes the code. Does Baidu.com have it's own version of "Google Analytics"? Yes, they do and this video will show you how to set up an account with "Baidu Analytics". 怎么注册一个百度统计的账户? 我帮你设置一个吧!百度统计类似于“Google Analytics".

We made this video for a competition. Problems occurred during the process and the final video may be somewhat rough and obscure, but I'm glad that we did it!

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