Authentic Kosha Mangsho Recipe / Kosha Mangsho / Bengali Mutton Kosha

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Mutton Kosha Bengali Recipe | Kasha Mangsho | Bengali Slow Cooked Mutton Curry | Kali Pujo Special

Mutton Kosha is an iconic Bengali delicacy. The word "kosha" is similar in meaning to "bhuna" which means to slowly cook a gravy over low flame for a very long time leading to a rich, brown gravy and melt-in-the-mouth mutton pieces. It is worth pointing out that in Bengal, as well as in India mutton is commonly used to refer to a goat's meat. Mutton kosha (kosha mangsho) is served with Paratha or with Polao. It tastes great even with plain rice. One of the most famous shops selling this style of mutton kosha is Golbari in Shyambazar, Calcutta. While we are not certain that our version of mutton kosha is exactly the same as the Golbari's, but this certainly tastes very good. View the FULL RECIPE at ______________________________________________ RELATED VIDEOS Bengali shahi garam masala: OUR KITCHEN TOOLS (affiliate links; we earn a small commission): MUSIC "Chowringhee" by Bemanan GET THE ALBUM "Quorma-Kaliya-Polao" at FIND US on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Plus @bongeats

Golbari style kosha mangsho: mutton sukha masala recipe in hindi..

It's a delicious preparation of mutton.. I made it being inspired from Kolkata golbari.. Ingredients Home made mutton masala: fennel seeds(half tspn) cumin seeds(half tspn) , coriander seeds(half tspn) , nutmeg(1/8th of a full) , star anise2, caraway seed(Shahjeera 1 tspn ), mace( Javitri/joyitri)few, 2Black cardamon (Badi elaichi), 8clove.. Heat all this together nd grind it Mutton 250gms Yogurt 4tble spn Black tea half cup 2 medium size onion paste Sugar 1tspn Salt according to taste Red chilli powder 2tspn Kashmiri red chilly powder 1tblspn Turmeric powder 2 tspn Ginger garlic paste 2tblspn For tempering 1bay leaf 1cinnamon stick 1green cardamon

Golbarir Kasha Mangsho Recipe | Bengali Kasha Mangsho | Mutton Kosha Bengali Recipe

Golbari Mutton Kasha recipe. Golbarir Kosha Mangsho Recipe in Bengali Language. Golbari mutton kosha. Kosha Mangsho Bengali recipe. Mutton Kosha Bengali style. *Must watch videos: KOLKATA STYLE CHICKEN BIRYANI IN PRESSURE COOKER PATHAR MANGSHER JHOL (BENGALI MUTTON CURRY) GOLDEN FRIED PRAWNS RECIPE (চিংড়ি মাছ ফ্রাই ) আমার ভিডিও আপনার ভালো লাগলে বন্ধুদের সাথে SHARE করুন, LIKE করুন আর আরো অনেক বাঙালি রান্নার AUTHENTIC রেসিপির ভিডিও দেখতে থাকার জন্য আজই SUBSCRIBE করুন। ***************************************************************** FOLLOW ME ON OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA FACEBOOK : TWITTER : INSTAGRAM :

How to Prepare Authentic Bengali Mutton Curry Recipe | Kosha Khashir Mangsho

How to Prepare Authentic Bengali Mutton Curry Recipe | Kosha Khashir Mangsho This is the authentic bengali style mutton curry recipe prepared by lot of spices. INGREDIENTS: Mutton - 500g Onion - 2 large finely sliced, Ginger-garlic paste - 2 tbsp, Potato - 2 cut into half, Tomato puree(fresh) - 1 large, Kashmiri red chilli powder - 2 tsp, Hot red chilli powder - 1 tsp, Cumin powder - 1 tsp, Coriander powder - 1 tsp, Turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp, Garam masala powder - 1 tsp, Sugar - 1/3 tsp, Salt to taste, Oil - 1/2 cup, METHOD: Marinate the mutton with onion sliced, ginger-garlic paste, oil and all the dry spices with salt and sugar. Keep it a side for 30-40 mins. Heat the pan in a pressure cooker, put remaining oil and once it hot then add marinated mutton and cook it for 10-15 mins. Add tomato puree, mix well and again cook it for 10 mins. Add potato pieces and 2 cups of worm water mix well and cook it until 6-7 whistles. Make sure that mutton has nicely cooked, turn off the flame. Serve hot with roti, naan or steamed rice.

How To Make Kosha Mangsho By Ananya Banerjee || Ananya-r Rannaghor

Mutton Kosha is a spectacularly famous dish among Bengalis. This dish is made at every Bengali gathering. Follow Ananya's simple steps to get a taste of Bengal. Happy tasting to you! SUBSCRIBE to my Channel here - Follow Ananya Banerjee on Social Media :- Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Ingredients:  1 kg mutton cut into medium sized pieces  2 medium onions  4-5 cloves garlic  2-3 tomatoes  ½ cup dahi or yogurt  1 tsp garlic paste  1 tsp ginger paste  1 tsp chilli powder  1 tsp turmeric powder  1-2 bay leaves  1 whole stick cinnamon  2-3 cloves  2-3 cardamoms  1 tsp Bengali garam masala (grind equal portions of cinnamon, cloves and green cardamom)  1-2 slit green chillies  A handful of chopped coriander leaves  1 tbs ghee  ½ cup mustard oil  Salt to taste  2 tsp sugar  1 tbs ghee Method: 1. Marinate the mutton in yogurt, ginger and garlic paste. Keep in the refrigerator for 5-6 hours. 2. Prepare a paste with onion, ginger, garlic and tomatoes. 3. Heat mustard oil in pressure cooker. Add bay leaves, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves. Add the sugar and sauté till it caramelizes. 4. Add the prepared paste, turmeric powder, chilli powder and mix well. Cook it on high heat till the oil leaves the sides of the masala 5. Add the marinated mutton, and continue to cook on high heat till all the liquid dries up. Add some water, slit green chillies and salt to taste. 6. Add ghee and garam masala powder. 7. Pressure cook till 6-7 whistles or till the mutton is tender. 8. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves. Served best with luchi (maida-puri) Also Learn How To Make Patishapta: Here's How To Make Macher Paturi:

Authentic Kosha Mangsho Recipe / Kosha Mangsho / Bengali Mutton Kasha.

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