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Self Repair Touch Screen ( Digitizer ) for HP iPAQ 610, 612, 614, 610c, 612c, 614c

How Touchscreen Works [Remake]

I had created a video on Touchscreens previously (last year). I didn't expect the video to reach out all over the world but it did. It's my most viewed video till today and many people were not able to understand the voice over due to my accent. So here's a remake of the entire video with improved graphics as well as voice. I hope you guys enjoy this one. The next video is going to be quite interesting and deep. It's related to Space Science or you can say Rocket Science. Stay tuned. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ► Collaboration with Untamed Science This video is in collaboration with Untamed Science. Check out their channel at Special thanks to Rob and Haley. I hope you like the video. Rate, Comment and Subscribe if you would like to see more of these in your news feed. Thanks. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ► Few Questions and a Message for you → How often you want to see a new video? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? → Are short videos fine for you? Like a minute long? → If the videos are a minute long, maybe i can make one daily. → Also you guys can prepare a short script on any interesting sci-tech topic and mail it to me. I will check it and if its all good, I'll use it and give a shout out to you in the video itself. And if you can narrate, that would be great as well.. But yes the quality matters. I can't use voice recorded on a cellphone, you know what i mean!. → So let me know in the comments below.. I'll get back to you as soon as possible. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ► Website and Social Links Current Blog - Old Blog - Google+ - Facebook - Twitter - YT Channel 1 - YT Channel 2 - YT Channel 3 - --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ► Attribution and Credits | Copyright Stuff Brightly Fancy Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Image Sources 1) 2)

How to Remove Display And Touch and folder

like ------- comment -------------subscribe Features: The vacuum separator is specially designed for separating damaged LCD screen of mobile phones. Built-in vacuum pump, the screen is forced to attach to the machine firmly because of pressure difference, no additional holding clamp required. Automatic heating. With the thermostat you can set required temperature. Temperature is clearly displayed, convenient to read. Hindi: aap aapna mobile phone ki display and touch to remove kr sakta just like aalg sa.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 Screen Repair

Hi Everyone, Today we're posting a video of us repairing a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 with the hopes of advertising our repair services. Also at this time, January 31st 2012, there seems to be no YT videos of a Galaxy Tablet 10.1 so we thought it'd be cool to be the first to share one online. We currently do not have our website up yet, but we're working on it. For now, you can find us on Yelp!, here's our address: If you're wondering why we used the cutting board on top of the anti-static mat, it was due to the heat gun. If we had used the heat gun directly on the tablet and anti-static mat, it would have melted the mat. Sincerely, Lord of the Phones

How to Replace Screen Glass Only on Galaxy S4!

Here's a step-by-step video tutorial that shows you how to replace screen glass "only" on the Galaxy S4 Android smartphone. It took me around an hour to do this and LOTS of patience. It can be done if you do it carefully and slowly. Also check out all of my screen/disassembly videos here: Also see Galaxy S5 Screen Replacement here: Timeline 1:38 Beginning of Glass replacement 3:15 The first gap 4:30 more gaps 5:51 adhesive slowly coming off 7:48 More adhesive coming off 10:37 Pulling on Suction cup 10:49 Glass comes off! 14:30 Replace with new Glass 17:00 Glass replacement successful with white Home button on Black Glass! You can get S4 Glass and tools here: Parts I Used and Step-by-Step tutorial here: After doing this, I found a big bubbly spot where glass would be touching the digitizer, I took my glass out again and fixed it here: If you like this video, please share/+1/Like/Tweet, thx! If you are high on Android, please like our Facebook Page: My GooglePlus: My Facebook: My Twitter:

fix your lilliput/xenarc/whatever touch panel with a lighter and a minute or two (brief video because I was in a hurry - if you don't know what I'm doing, you don't need to do it)

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