Shuffle PrivateLine App: Best 2nd Phone Number App!

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Top 10 iOS Apps of 2017

2017 was a big year for apps. The App Store got a major overhaul in iOS 11 to separate apps and games to give both better visibility. In this video, we rounded up 10 apps that In our opinion are worth checking out and this video should give you some ideas on what to spend those holiday iTunes gift cards on. More info -

Top 10 Best FREE iPhone Apps for January 2018

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5 Simple Life Hacks For your Phone

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Shuffle PrivateLine App: Best 2nd Phone Number App!
The Mobile Privacy Era is Here:
Join the PrivateLine Beta:
We live in a world today where identity fraud is rampant, data breaches are the norm and your privacy can be compromised in so many ways, including one that’s perhaps less obvious to most people – your mobile phone. Your regular mobile number is linked to so much of your personal identity these days, probably even more so than your SSN.

With Shuffle, you can instantly create a number for a specific use so you never have to share your real number online or with strangers and compromise your safety and privacy. You can manage your business, personal and social life all from one phone without sharing your business or personal number.

PrivateLine is their new, upcoming 2nd phone number app that aims to massively improve mobile privacy. It’s currently in development and planned for roll out in early 2018. PrivateLine uses the latest AI and Machine Learning powered technologies to not only let you know WHO is calling but WHY they are calling. And it'll block unwanted calls from spammers, scammers, telemarketers and fraudulent callers - before they even reach you.

But, most importantly, their technology doesn’t require “crowdsourcing” to protect your privacy. We certainly won’t use your contacts or “harvest” your address book in misleading ways for our own gain.

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